Ice Cream Social Club*

*Disclaimer: There is no ice cream – the “ice cream” is whiskey.


WHAT: You are here, dear friend because you are invited to a cocktail party!

Don’t drink? Fear not! We’ve tea a plenty, and mocktails are also an option. There may be light snacks, but it’s not a food-centric event so come fed.

WHEN: This Sunday (and all future Sundays in perpetuity until further notice) from 7pm until 11pm.

WHERE: The Vagabond Ballroom aka 830 Isabella st. Oakland.

To get inside, text/FB-message a host or knock “shave and a haircut” on our window.

RELEVANT NOTES: This is a BYOB-ish event, which is to say there are spirits to share, but bring an ingredient and we won’t run dry.

Helpful things include: gin, soda water, ginger-ale, whiskey, citrus, rum, angostura bitters, vermouth… you get the idea.

For the time being this event is invitation-only, feel free to bring a date.