Circus Arts.


On Stage & In-The-Crowd Circus Skills:

  • Aerial Fabrics
  • Aerial Hammock
  • Wire Walking
  • Living Statue
  • Puppeteering
  • Clowning/Physical Comedy
  • Tarot Fortune Telling

Also up my sleeve: a little stage magic, a little juggling, some fire spinning, balloon twisting, stilt walking, face painting, swimming in my various mermaid tails, and a whole bunch of MCing & public speaking.

Behind the Scenes Circus Skills:

  • Directing
  • Creative Administration
  • Marketing
  • Flier & Graphic Design
  • Character Makeup Design (…and application)
  • Sound Tech (running cues)
  • Sound Design
  • Casting & Human Resources
  • Conflict Mediation
  • Video Editing
  • Script Drafting, Concept, & Production
  • Stage Management
  • Roustabout/Gopher

With professional competency at: rigging (and routine equipment safety inspections), lighting design, costume design, set design, front of house management, pushing around insurance paperwork, showing up 15 minutes early, wielding the megaphone, yadda yadda.

Just for fun: Flying trapeze. My favorites are: layout, half-turn, and splits.

For a rates, please send all inquiries (with as much specific information about your event and the desired service) to:

bunnyzlotnik (at)

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