Many Returns

Here’s a tiny tin can with three years in summary curled up inside: I stopped updating this website, and then it sat. Today, I’ve returned and adjusted a handful of things, though I can’t promise writing will be regular. Honestly, I couldn’t possibly recap three years in a sitting, so instead I’ll show you short videos of some of the shows I’ve produced since last we spoke. Admittedly, as show-reels from my since-last-we-spoke productions are concerned, this entry is missing three (Two Houses, of which there is sadly no video; Charlie & the Chocolate Circus, which has a belated video coming; and Rocky Horror Circus Show in it’s second year and evolution, which will probably get it’s own video.)

I was also flown to Milan to star in this lovely science fiction surrealist dining theatrical experience produced by Kulturhaus for Pepsi Co:

…And helped write and direct three shows for private festivals. Neat.

About Ide

Funambulist, producer, witch, and general roustabout.
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