Wrapping up Summer 2014

This is the first year in seven without a trip to Burning Man, and the first year in four without a circus tour – but don’t be fooled by outside appearances, life is doing anything but slow down. The circus is now halfway toward our new, next-level production, Hinge. Our Indiegogo was a smashing success and we’re in the process of coordinating fundraising events, and applying for grants to get us the rest of the way there. Costumes and music will both be properly underway beginning September. I’m trying to keep up with fulfilling backer-rewards (yay, spreadsheets) and scheduling team meetings in the meantime.

Hinge is huge, unlike our previous shows which have only really had six or seven people working on them, the team for the development of Hinge is closer to fifty people – many of whom are volunteering their time. The scope of the project is intimidating, but, given the caliber of those involved I have great confidence in its success.


We aren’t only including the ingredients you’ve come to expect from the Vespertine Circus, interdisciplinary circus-arts and narrative theater, we’re also incorporating elements of game-design and immersive theater. Sound intriguing? A visit to the Vespertine Circus will span two hours, and include delights for many senses. Hinge is designed to allow different audience members to have dramatically different experiences based on what types of things they’re interested in exploring and how they do (or don’t) interact with the cast and set. We hope you’ll join us in summer of 2015.

I’m still floating along, teaching aerial fabrics and modeling here and there – Scott Watson of CK Studios just took a few new headshots so I can keep my portfolio current, and here they are, 27 and feeling fine

0078 Bunny-4094 1 0078 Bunny-4102 1 0078 Bunny-4109 1

On the personal front – I have been spending as much time as I can training not only my usual aerial-fabrics, but tight-wire and flying trapeze, with a smattering of clowning. It’s awfully exciting stuff. Training clips and snapshots from “The Adventures of Bunny Zlotnik” are frequently getting uploaded to my Instagram account (follow if you’re into circus, lingerie, whiskey, and absurdity) – speaking of whiskey, I have a new favorite dive, if you’re ever in Oakland and you want to drink someplace charming, try Heinold’s First and Last Chance. Oh! And a favorite whiskey, if you can find it: Angel’s Envy (rum finished) Rye. It tastes like honeysuckle and magic, I’m pretty sure it’s what the Faerie Queen, Titania, would drink if she were drinking rye today.


(Above excerpt from my favorite nonfiction book: The Ordinary Acrobat, by Duncan Wall. Nose courtesy of RB&B’s blue train show.)

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