About a month ago, I teamed up with musician and dear friend of mine, Jesse Buddington, and friend & photographer, Leah Watanabe to recreate with photography an oil painting by the marvelously talented Alana Corra**, whose work caught my eye a while back. This image in particular reminded several mutual friends of ours of Jesse and I (we lived together for years), and maybe you can see why. Here is the original version: lament-painting-goodcolour

And here is our rendition:

It was a delightful and challenging project for all of us, and a nice opportunity to work on a piece of art with some friends on our own time, something I do far too little of considering how much my world revolves around the creation of [all kinds of] artwork. Never forget when you’re finished “working” for the day at your arts job, to then go home and make art a little more. 😉

**With her permission of course! Here is a link to her website so you can see more of her work, she not only paints, but builds beautiful dolls.

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Funambulist, producer, witch, and general roustabout.
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