Disclaimer: This is going to be an extra sappy entry, and I blame at least some of that on whiskey recently consumed.

To actually read this entry, properly, I want you to grab a pair of headphones, or plug into a good sound-system, and find a volume as loud as A) it’ll play clearly and B) you’ll feel comfortable listening at.


Moving forward (and in that context): For those of you long time readers and friends will know – a couple of years ago I was married. During what I now think of as the “golden age” of that pivotal relationship, he was living an hour and some change south of me, with this singer for a house-mate, while I was building my dream home in Oakland and commuting back and fourth between houses as he finished grad school. Under these blithe and beautiful circumstances, I came to know musician, muse and kind-spirit, Kelly Koval [formerly the front woman for the acclaimed Santa Cruz local folk/electronic/soul/etc. band, Audiafauna] and I have loved her ever since. She knows about some parts of me and my life that very, very few folks are privy to.


We have a mutual and profound admiration of one another, and it was a real delight to reunite and make some art together. Photography is a new(ish) venture for Kelly, though she’s been taking beautiful portraits for a while now, and I was excited to reconnect and help further her efforts. These images are scans from her point-and-shoot (film) camera, shot outside yesterday around 5pm.


Spoiler alert: It is my plan to make a clowning/aerial-dance/storytelling piece in the not too distant future for public viewing, and I hope to involve both Kelly’s musical talents, and the film-making artistry of RJ Muna. This is one of many “ideas for a neat project” I’ve got kicking around, but given the story I want to tell, and the artists I have interested in getting involved, I think it is more likely to actually happen. Cross your fingers.


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Funambulist, producer, witch, and general roustabout.
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