There’s so much here.

I haven’t updated this blog in an age, but not for lack of creation. I have been video-editing, drawing, writing, dancing, circus-training, performing, event-co-producing, and modeling very densely, with great satisfaction. So, expect an influx of photos, to be sure. Much more frequent and brief updates happen on my Facebook Page (click here) and instagram (click here) if you want a window into my adventures, which are plenty.

I have been doing catalog modeling regularly for Dollhouse Bettie, which is an awful lot of fun (it’s how I spent yesterday), and free-lancing on all kinds of side projects in the photography & fashion world, in addition to attending castings and the occasional project via City Model Management.

Here are some portraits taken of me in my element – as it were, by the very talented and friendly Anastasiia Sapon. I will be taking a moment to update all three of my portfolio galleries here (fine art nudes, circus arts, and fashion/conceptual have new works that belong in them.)

Anastasiia Sapon

_T9A0343-Edit _T9A0388-Edit

The ad I was a part of for Fiat last December was finally released/printed, and is now available in the Body Issue of ESPN magazine; the “making of” video is a delight, and it was a great thing to wake up to. Viewable here:

And, I will also be copying over some text from my other (private) journal, which has some tales of adventures worth regaling to any interested audiences here. Sorry for the long silence followed by a flood of (effectively) backdated posting, but I hope you enjoy what you see and read.


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Funambulist, producer, witch, and general roustabout.
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