A Good Question.

I posted this photo (it’s a still frame from a choreography video I took) online in a community about Self Portraits:


– And someone asked me a great question in the comments – “What does it feel like to fly?” So, I answered them. It’s not an amazing poem (or my typical style, for that matter – it’s full of cliches and profoundly uninteresting language), but I do think it’s a poem, and more importantly I think it’s accurate. Here is my answer:

In a word: empowering.
Flying is the feeling you get when your lungs and legs are strong enough that you can keep running;
the feeling you get when you ride a bike down a hill and it becomes a perfect extension of your body;
the feeling you get when you know how to say exactly what you mean to someone you admire, or play just the right chords on your instrument to let your emotions soar out of you;
it feels like endless struggle, and freedom,
like the cathartic union of “unrealistic” ambition and reality – where they meet, briefly, as the sun rising over the ocean, before ambition escapes into the sky again and begs you to chase it again.
It is both fleeting and constant, built from muscle ache, candy-coated in endorphins, never satisfied, soaked in sweat. Fearless. Weightless.
Triumphant. A daily challenge. To fly is to be consumed with desire.

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Funambulist, producer, witch, and general roustabout.
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