Painting is awesome!

A friend shared a painting by Aaron Jasinski with me, and I am so smitten with it (and surprised at the uncanny resemblance of the painting to an image of my former partner and I) that I went on an art-admiring stint (I can’t get enough of: Mark RydenTrevor Brown, Stunt Kid,  or Michael Hussar) and also peeked onto the websites of several painters who I have modeled for. I am pleased to share my findings here. There is a strange and delightful novelty in being painted, I must admit, especially as a painter & illustrator myself. Not too many folks who know me from the circus-world know that long before I performed circus arts, I made pictures of them.

My aesthetic fixation with the romantic world of early American Circus did a lot to spark my whole “change of profession” from something relatively reasonable (developmental psychologist/child therapist via humanistic practice) into something a little stranger (full-time circus aerialist & clown).

I think Drew Fagan is my favorite of any of the illustrators or painters I’ve worked with over the years because we met while he was doing a series of old-timey circus portraits. He paints the type of things I used to, and it feels like getting to go inside my childhood daydreams – stepping from one side of the canvas onto the other. Rarely when I was painting circus aerialists as an unathletic teenager, did I envision that someday I would be an circus aerialist, getting painted no less, as an adult. Stranger things have happened, I suppose.

Drew Fagan

drew fagan

Ryan Seng

Ryan Seng

Brian Horton


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