The Vespertine Circus in OUTER SPACE

Alright kids, I have a few wonderful pieces of information for ya.

Thing 1, today (Thursday) is the last day to get cheap tickets to our extra-spectacular one-night-only OUTER SPACE themed circus show in Oakland. Click here for details. It’s going to be really good, and I’m sincerely sad that we’re only doing this show once. Our two newest cast members are really upping the ante, and Tilly has custom-created a space ship just for this show (a teeny one).

Thing 2, I went to a fantastic birthday party for one Naomi Hummel today (you may know of her if you’re an aerialist) – and she had a band playing that I think you should all listen to. Especially if you like folk music. Nick Drummond & Tyler Carson (click here). I would love to have them perform at a show with Audiafauna here at the Vagabond Ballroom in Oakland, and am already scheming up how to make that happen.

Thing 3, listen extra close for this one. My friend Jazz owns a toy company ( Molecular Toys & Games Inc.) and is about to launch a Kickstarter Campaign for his new line of amazing creations, called “Hugalopes”. When they go on the market, you’ll want one. Think of a plush & colorful Mr.-Potato-Head style customizable monster that converts into a stylish hat/wearable-puppet, in addition to being a great stuffed animal.

Because the best place for a puppet is on your head.”

We had a video shoot today and it was a ton of fun. Naturally I wanted to take all of his Hugalopes home with me. Their website isn’t online yet, and the Kickstarter campaign hasn’t launched, but when it does, you’ll all hear about it from me. This is a truly brilliant toy. I’ll post some pictures from the shoot once I’ve got ’em. In the meantime, have a silly face (that is almost entirely unrelated to everything else in this post):

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