Blessed Beltane!

It’s hard to believe it’s been an entire year (and two days) since Sasha and I handfasted. The past year has been full of growth, learning, and trying new things together. We’ve built our home, and transformed its interior profoundly; the circus has grown and really taken off in the past year and we’ve been making the transition toward full-time performance artists; we’ve made many friends here in the bay area, and visited many of the beautiful places that make Oakland so incredible; our garden is growing magnificently, and in general life is pretty fantastic.

Our 2nd ceremony (which in normie-speak, you could call our Wedding) will be in May of next year, after my dear sister has returned to the country.

Beltane is a celebration of love & sexuality, of fertility, food & dance, the spring & the summer, color, music & fire. What a perfect time of year for an erotic photoshoot! Sensuality on display. Sasha and I shot with our good friend, the remarkably skilled photographer Chi Lum of Rue99, and had a blast creating the cirque de l’érotisme photo-set, viewable to 18+ eyes on

Here is another favorite from our photoshoot together:

Sasha is an incredible jumper – and I got to throw water at him over and over, which was fun. Synchronising the jump, water, and photo-capture took a few tries, but the result is spectacular.

Apollo Bird

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